Video editing

As well as a traditional studio based editing facility, we provide a mobile video editing service, based around the powerful Apple MacBook Pro and the latest Final Cut Studio 3 and Final Cut X.

This is an example of a video we did not shoot but were comissioned to edit. It is a 'teaser' for a documentary. It was shot in Libya whilst Gadaffi was still in power, albeit only just. We edited it together from lots of footage and still images. This will hopefully one day be made into a full scale documentary.

Thanks to Green Lions Production for their kind permission to use this footage.

Mobile Editing at your Office

We offer editing facilities at our office or at your office. This has a number of advantages;

  1. Edit your video at you office - meaning you have a large amount of control over the final video, as well as speeding up the review process dramatically, saving time and money.
  2. Shoot and edit on site - this means whilst shooting we can capture the footage into the Mac, then edit on site and produce a DVD/ Flash/ WMV file then and there, saving editing time and speeding up the whole process.
  3. Shoot and upload to web - We can shoot, edit and encode to a web format on site - meaning you get an extremely fast turnaround for you project. These files can be encoded as Flash, YouTube (public and private), windows media, QuickTime, Real player, YouTube, Vimeo etc.



More example videos on the Orange Eye YouTube Channel

To see more of our video, visit our own YouTube channel, which can be found here.

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A new addition to the team - the wonderful DJI Osmo gimbal cam!
We have now bought a Canon XC10, to complement the C300 and C100 MKii.