Motion graphics

Great motion graphics can really enhance a video, whether it's using graphics to highlight part of the screen, or animate a logo to add some 'Wow factor' into the video, or just focus the viewer to a great stat, the possibilities are endless! Here is an example of using animated text and motion graphics to tell a story.

Here is an example of a video that uses Vimeo to distribute its content, and is totally based on motion graphics, all created by Orange Eye.

Our showreel really demonstrates well how to use motion graphics to make video visually exciting and add movement to a series of video clips.



More example videos on the Orange Eye YouTube Channel

To see more of our video, visit our own YouTube channel, which can be found here.



A new addition to the team - the wonderful DJI Osmo gimbal cam!
We have now bought a Canon XC10, to complement the C300 and C100 MKii.