Green screen and chromatte

We use an ultra portable green screen solution. The green screen can be set up at your premises, and we can shoot and edit on the same day. This is a lot more efficient (and more cost effective) than using a traditional green screen studio.

Also green screens are great because you can be very creative when choosing the background of a talking head interview - as well as being creative with what you can do with the interviewee as well! See below for a few great examples of what can be achieved;

Here is an example of a video produced for an 'augmented reality' magazine advert. Using the 'Layar' app, you point your phone at the magazine and this video appears automatically - pretty clever!

More example videos on the Orange Eye YouTube Channel

To see more of our video, visit our own YouTube channel, which can be found here.

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A new addition to the team - the wonderful DJI Osmo gimbal cam!
We have now bought a Canon XC10, to complement the C300 and C100 MKii.